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Smokey Timbers Campground offers lodging and sites for cabin life, staying in a new camping experience, and traditional camping.  We have worked hard to provide a little something for everyone!  And, you can play for a day or sleep for a week.

why choose Smokey Timbers

Twenty-one pristine acres of wooded property on beautiful Lake Miltona, with miles of trails to explore, along with a sandy beach to enjoy.

Cabins are available for those who prefer beds to sleeping bags.  For those who are more adventurous, there is a large and small yurt, which turns camping into glamping! Then, there are campsites with picnic shelters for those seasoned campers.  Modern amenities are provided with a shower house and kitchen building.  Accommodations are available no matter the comfort level of everyone in your party.

Rejuvenate the mind and soul with the solitude of nature at Smokey Timbers Campground!

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