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Not just the Seasons are Changing Here!

Our Newest Upgrade:  Lake Stairs

Due to storms in the summer of 2022, the wooden staircase to the lake was damaged by downed trees.  Although this was a project planned in the future, it now needed immediate attention.  An incredible THANK YOU goes out to Creative Environments Landscaping, Inc of Alexandria, MN. They provided the installation at a minimal cost to the camp. Also, the stair materials have been donated by BrickYard Supplies,
of Battle Lake, MN.  Such a beautiful and timeless improvement!

Bernick's grant

The Bernick Family Foundation awarded a grant check to ST Foundation Board Members, pictured L-R, Steve Jorud, Laura Kremer (and her daughter), and Cheryl Penkevich by Bernick's representative, Jason Bernick to help offset the costs of the stair railing, platform at the boathouse, and installation costs.

The NEW stairs
New Lake Stairs

History of Camp Improvements

Recent generous contributions by “Friends of the Camp” have provided funding to facilitate these many new improvement projects at Smokey Timbers. The following projects have recently been completed or are currently in process. Every bit of support enables Smokey Timbers to maintain the momentum and continue achieving its maximum potential. Faith in the goodness of people got it to where it is and faith will assure that bright future!

More information about this wonderful Miltona asset and important part of the lake’s heritage will be gladly provided.  

Projects completed in 2017/2018:

  • Total debt retirement

  • New roofs installed on three buildings

  • New siding and windows installed in the bunkhouse

  • Two new septic systems for current and future requirements

  • Initiation of forest restoration

Projects completed in 2019:

  • Upgrade bunkhouse plumbing, electrical and heating

  • New all-season Restroom/Shower building

  • New well

  • Retaining wall/patio near the new septic drain fields

  • Restoration of the ATCC Law Enforcement Memorial Trail

Projects completed in 2020/2021:

**List to be updated**

Projects completed in 2022/2023:
  • Moved Storage Garage to onsite location

  • New picnic tables for the deck

  • New picnic tables for the campsites

  • Fire rings and grills for Bunkhouse and Small Yurt

  • Stand Up Paddle Boards

  • Large & Small Yurt

  • Camper Cabin

Projects proposed for 2023/2024:
  • New Lake Stairs - Completed early due to storm damage and the Bernick's Grant!

  • Complete construction of the storage garage

  • Lawn/Utility Tractor- Completed early!

  • Possible purchase of neighboring property

  • Improvements of "grassy area" near Screened House - including irrigation and path to Bath House

  • Signage within the camp

  • Wood Sheds/storage areas

  • Nine Square

  • Replace mattresses

  • Weed roller off of the dock

The (other) Latest Camp Upgrades!

Building the Camper Cabin

Beginning June 2021

(6/1/2021) Camper Cabin foundation is ready for concrete. Thanks Grizzly Concrete for installing the forms and Jim & Cheryl Penkevich for installing the rebar.

Building the Yurts

Beginning June 2021

(6/1/2021) Large yurt foundation forms supplied by Grizzly Concrete.

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